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personal training 

our flagship results driven one-on-one or small group training program

why do i need it?

regardless of your age or ability, the idea of personal training may be perfect for you! with training, you would get the one-on-one attention to help you reach your own personal health and fitness goals. as trainers here at eXcel fitness, our main goals are to guide, push, encourage, and educate you to be the best possible version of yourself. it's all about the journey here, so why not let us help you?!

how is it different?

in the personal model, your coaches are doing just that...they are coaching YOU. they watch you and be sure that you are performing at your best. we correct form and encourage you in the way that you need on an individual basis. think of it as a group environment but with complete individual attention. your certified personal trainer coaches will put you through

challenging and safe workouts in a supportive atmosphere where you’re not just a number in the crowd...’re part of our team. 

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