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a place for everyBODY to eXcel 


Why choose us? 

At eXcel fitness, we jokingly say we are "training for life" but it's really true. While we applaud individual goals and aspirations for competition, we like to focus on training for life...because we are our own fiercest competitors. 

We are here to help you get stronger, faster, & healthier. We cater to all individuals, whether you are an athlete, a parent (with young or older kids), or a senior. Our 24/7 access facility is always open for when it is convenient for you! Membership does include classes- of which all are modifiable for YOU. You aren't just a number in the room. We will get to know you & your individual needs, to then help you grow. 

No matter what time of day you stop in, you will be met with supportive folks on the same become the best version of themselves.


We hope you will stop by so we can show you around our "home"!!

So, what are YOU waiting for? 

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24/7 access with ALL regular group classes INCLUDED 

full weight room + cardio area 

discounts for students, seniors, & WRSD employees

1097 Main St 

Holden, MA 01520


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